joi, 26 martie 2009

psychology and yahoo invisible

  •    psychology is the deep way of the yahoo invisible trend, people are curios and in the 2.0 world they tend to do everything in order to get those informations with every cost, that's so cool.
  • the idea of yahoo invisble is not new because the whole social networking and the hi5 idea is from the ages. People need to have that informations, we gave them that informations in order for them to feel ok and everything to be damn cool and funny.
  • curiosity is an idea of the invisible hype and people tend to be damn curios in order to win the game. They need to win the game of the invisible hype and yahoo invisible trend, they need their friend status with no cost, no?
  • are you curios? Are you curios about your friend status? Why are you so curios after all? Don't just stand there and be curios, do something about it and don't waste your life in the virtual world, I mean social web.

All about yahoo invisible

  Yahoo invisible hype has grown and all of us need to know why and all about it and I think this is very clear and very interesting about the idea of yahoo invisible. So, let's look at the following graphs about yahoo invisible and all about it, shall we? 

   The idea between this is the psychological hype of the people, mostly teenagers that are searching all about this. In fact it's damn cool that they are so curios and I guess it's very interesting and funny. Don't you?

   I guess the social web is more creating a lot of trends and ideas and it's very interesting to know everything we can about yahoo invisible and more about it.

   What do you think about yahoo invisible hype?